Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Season Make-up Collective

Don't just be on trend with a new wardrobe this season - sort out that makeup bag. Getting fresh, new, clean makeup products that are smear free and untouched revitalises your attitude towards make-up and beauty ideas. Like a good tradesman keeps all his tools clean - so too should the budding make-up stylist! Instantly refresh your look! Try out those dark sooty eyes dappled in shimmers of aluminium and bronze. Think metallic - get inspired when cyberpunk meets goth. If you love it so much - surround yourself with make-up artists and fashionistas - experiment and bounce ideas...soon you'll be going to make-up school and be enrolling in the right make up courses that will bloom your budding styling talents and have you produce high-fashion beauty fixes before you can smear your own mascara by the heat of the studio lights. Pump up the volume whilst embracing your glam potential and beautiful self. Be creative! Carpe dieme - seize the day!.

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